Job in sweden..salaries starting at 17 USD per hour (restaurant – caffee workers)

Jobs in sweden

Jobs in sweden.. salaries starting at 17 USD per hour (restaurant and coffee workers)

You must have clear and appropriate sound to read. Note that we need English language. Experience similar assets worthy of attention.

Experience in work
There is no need for work experience

Your duties
The task includes reading short children’s books and young people in Arabic (note that the tone must be Syrian). We get the book load intermittently the appointment is suitable for overtime, a few hours / month.
The task includes reading books in the studio in place with us, correcting, and modifying possible readings.

Working conditions
The mission is driven by demand and can vary from one hour to several hours per month. Compensation under collective agreements.

who are we
Work place in Hammarby Sjöstad. Our Studio 19 – Prepare your working time based on the deadlines you receive from us.



Företagets adress
Heliosgatan 26 Stockholm
Inläsningstjänst AB
Heliosgatan 26
12030 Stockholm
[email protected]

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